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IFTER EQU supports many of the most popular security devices. It is a to-way process: IFTER EQU downloads both the state and events from the system, but it also steers them. Another essential feature is integration – you can connect your security systems and built comprehensive security of your object.



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IFTER is a well known producer of software for security systems management such as: Fire Alarm Systems (FAS), Intruder and Hold Up Alarm Systems (I&HAS), Access Control Systems (ACS), Closed Circuit Television (CCTV), control-measuring systems (CMS) and building automation. 


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Graphics included in IFTER EQU were designed to present the status of system’s elements: detectors, alarm areas, doors, cameras. Operator sees graphic icons that change automatically, depending on the state (for example: active, fault, inactive).


EQU ACC equipment

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Controllers are the system’s main components. They control individual passages and, on the basis of data collected, give or deny access to specific system users. They can operate off-line, as they do not need connection with a server to make a decision. A large buffer makes it possible to remember almost 50 000 recently registered events.
Each device can control as many as 8 passages. Each passage can have 4 readers ascribed to it. Controller outputs can be used to open passages, turn on signalling devices, arm alarm systems, etc. A wide range of definable inputs can be used to connect door control sensors, exit buttons, to monitor evacuation buttons, power supply, to accept signals from fire protection systems, etc. The number of access control inputs/outputs can be increased by adding specific modules.
The system is also equipped with special controllers to monitor elevators.


To read identifiers (cards, key rings, bands etc.) the EQU ACC system uses RFID proximity readers. In their standard version the readers can read a unique encoded card number, while in systems with increased safety levels – programmed (encrypted) information. The system offers several kinds of readers:
- standard readers resistant to various weather
- readers with LCD touch screens,
- readers with glass fronts on which customized over
prints can be placed.
Thanks to the application of appropriate technologies, readers can be mounted on various surfaces (including metal), embedded in decorative signboards, installed in turnstile, barrier, machine casings, etc.
The system is also equipped with a special interface that can handle readers made by other manufacturers – thus, it can satisfy the needs of all kinds of investors.

Additional devices

EQU ACC functionality and flexibility can be enhanced by the use of various additional modules connected to controllers:
- additional input/output modules,
- LED modules to present system time.
Modules make it possible to adjust the systems for various investors’ needs. They expand capabilities to handle additional passages, devices and systems, increase the number of monitored devices and options to integrate EQU ACC with other systems.
LCD panels play an auxiliary role in the system – they enable communication with users.
In order to provide EQU ACC high quality and infallibility we offer not only our products, but also support in selecting professional back-up supplies with monitoring of power failure, locks and deadbolts, as well as professional METEL industrial switches.

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We are an independent company, working with a variety of producers, such as Siemens, Honeywell, Hikvision, Metel and many other. Our partners specialize in devices for security systems and building automation.


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With the use of advanced technology we were able to build a multi-station system for both PCs and mobile devices. All your data is stored in a database developed by a world leader, Oracle. Thanks to this solution, the system is stable and reliable.

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EQU ACC is a modern access control and time attendance management system developed in cooperation by IFTER and MicroMade.

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