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IFTER EQU supports many of the most popular security devices. It is a to-way process: IFTER EQU downloads both the state and events from the system, but it also steers them. Another essential feature is integration – you can connect your security systems and built comprehensive security of your object.



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IFTER is a well known producer of software for security systems management such as: Fire Alarm Systems (FAS), Intruder and Hold Up Alarm Systems (I&HAS), Access Control Systems (ACS), Closed Circuit Television (CCTV), control-measuring systems (CMS) and building automation. 


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Graphics included in IFTER EQU were designed to present the status of system’s elements: detectors, alarm areas, doors, cameras. Operator sees graphic icons that change automatically, depending on the state (for example: active, fault, inactive).



InPro BMS is an information system for visualization, integration and safety management system, used to build alarms monitoring centres. The built-in support of access control, closed-circuit television, intruder & hold up alarm, fire alarm and also building management systems enables to evaluate one system's reaction for an event that occurred in the other system - for example displaying a camera video from the room where an alarm appeared.

InPro BMS uses TCP/IP protocol together with the SQL database what gives the opportunity to manage the system from any place in the network, both locally and from the workstation situated in a different city. Owing to that, the systems' development is efficient and unrestricted. It gives the chance to create an effective and fast-running safety system, but also keeps favourable relation of price towards capability.

The flexible work environment that our software offers, makes it the ideal choice for a wide range of uses, including factory buildings, department stores, government buildings, prisons or airports. However, it does not mean that it is destined only for large companies. It also works excellently for a small company and it can be upgraded together with it.

Flexible system structure

Modular structure of InPro BMS, by its scalability, delivers both facility of development and also profitable relation between the price and capabilities. It allows to develop the system together with the company’s expansion. The use of SQL database allows to work on multiple workstations simultaneously and also to connect the systems that can be integrated, in any place of the network. InPro BMS structure allows to start building the system from configuring a single workstation, and depending on the needs, to the later flexible development. There is also a possibility of creating not only one main, but also multiple scattered monitoring centres. It allows to control every single element from any place in the network.

The client – server structure allows to manage the system from any place in the network, regardless of where we are at the moment – whether it is the same building or a different city. It allows to work simultaneously on multiple stations and also to develop the system with new integrations, at any place in the system. Thus, at the same time we have a decentralised control and management over all the integrated systems.

Facility of configuring

Thanks to the InPro system, we can implement simple, utilitarian objects, using default configuration, created automatically when downloading a configuration from an integrated system, or more complex that fully uses the capabilities of the system. Creating system’s elements that a user could have problems when configuring them, was maximally simplified in the wizards menu that looks after the correctness of a data input. Additional facility is a graphic interface of icons that suggest applying a given system’s function.

The system Explorer was made for the needs of an administrator, as a graphic interface, thus allowing for centralized system management and also making the configuration easier. It consists of two parts - left side is a tree presenting the structure and the way the system is arranged. The right side are charts presenting the list with system’s elements. In the Explorer we can add, edit or delete all the system’s elements, thus making the management easier.

Supporting a user in case of emergency

One of the most important system’s functions is leading a user from the most generalised to the most detailed plan. This function is frequently used on the larger objects where displaying the plan, immediately with the presentation of a detector under the state of an alarm, could make the localisation of this part of an object difficult. It would also handicap managing the patrol to the place of an emergency. Additionally, if emergencies would occur in different places at one time - in first place, an operator can verify the danger that is the most significant for an object.

Code of practice

When trying to confirm an alarm, the procedure with tasks to do in order to effectively eliminate dangers will be displayed. Proceedings can be different for every detector and for any time of a day. In order not to complicate the action of counteracting the emergency, mouse-clicking outside the proceedings space causes its hiding.

Alarm's comment

After finishing the action of counteracting the emergency, the operator has the possibility to comment the alarm. All the events related with the occurred danger, the date and time of filling in the code of practice and alarm’s comment, are registered in the system. It enables carrying on an analysis of security service’s work and capturing the defects of their operation.

Simplicity in creating graphic look of a system

A user is given a freedom with creating his own look of the InPro BMS system. It can both, work in a window mode or take over the control of Windows system. It can also thoroughly define the graphic look. It allows to apply the look and functionality of InPro BMS to the needs of a user, in the way his work could become a pleasure. A user is given a freedom with creating his own look of the InPro BMS system. It can both, work in a window mode or take over the control of Windows system. It can also thoroughly define the graphic look. It allows to apply the look and functionality of InPro BMS to the needs of a user, in the way his work could become a pleasure. If one monitor is not enough to place everything there, a user can use the function of multi monitors, thus presenting the status of the whole building. If a user wants to build the monitor into the wall, then he can choose the mode which does not demand using a keyboard or a mouse and its configuration is remotely controlled from a different workstation.

“Graphic panel editor” is made for applying active elements onto the graphic base presenting an architectural lay-out. Every active element can have a different look and its reaction on events and in-coming alarms can be defined. Applying the elements has been restricted to selecting the appropriate element from the tool-bar and inserting it (by using a mouse) into the right place of a graphic base.


We cooperate with such companies as ADI, Bosch, Compas, Honeywell, Polon Alfa, Siemens or Satel. Thanks to that, we can build monitoring centres regardless of what hardware is used at an object. It gives the freedom in creating the system and later development. The way we support the integrations allows to fully harness, both the InPro BMS capabilities and the supported hardware. This is what makes the safety system coherent. We are still working on new integrations that would advance the InPro BMS capabilities.

What we hope to gain is to fulfil our clients' expectations.


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We are an independent company, working with a variety of producers, such as Siemens, Honeywell, Hikvision, Metel and many other. Our partners specialize in devices for security systems and building automation.


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With the use of advanced technology we were able to build a multi-station system for both PCs and mobile devices. All your data is stored in a database developed by a world leader, Oracle. Thanks to this solution, the system is stable and reliable.

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EQU ACC is a modern access control and time attendance management system developed in cooperation by IFTER and MicroMade.

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