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IFTER EQU supports many of the most popular security devices. It is a to-way process: IFTER EQU downloads both the state and events from the system, but it also steers them. Another essential feature is integration – you can connect your security systems and built comprehensive security of your object.



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IFTER is a well known producer of software for security systems management such as: Fire Alarm Systems (FAS), Intruder and Hold Up Alarm Systems (I&HAS), Access Control Systems (ACS), Closed Circuit Television (CCTV), control-measuring systems (CMS) and building automation. 


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Graphics included in IFTER EQU were designed to present the status of system’s elements: detectors, alarm areas, doors, cameras. Operator sees graphic icons that change automatically, depending on the state (for example: active, fault, inactive).



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IFTER was founded in 1999 and has been involved in security systems from the very beginning. Our first product, widely appreciated among producers, was InPro BMS 1, introduced in 2000. Two years later, with growing success and experience, we produced InPro BMS 2. With increased market and demand, the next version of InPro was based on SQL database. Finally, we proposed InPro 4 in 2007 – unified and simple interface and new possibilities in the area of building automation.
In 2015 our new product – IFTER EQU – brought a whole new level of quality and visualization. User can enjoy easily adjustable program and decide how to configure and manage security systems and building automation on the object. We work hard and develop constantly, so that we can provide our clients with advanced technological solutions all over the globe.


Szkoła Mistrzostwa Sportowego  


We sponsor a young football team, IFTER SMS Niemce which consists of children between 4-13 years of age. Experienced coaches and guardians have created the best environment for young talents to develop. Our actions are oriented towards constant progress. We teach children to be team players, to value fair play spirit.

Back in the day, SMS Niemce was founded as a Summer Sports Champions School. Our primary goal was to promote overall activity among the children living in our community. It turned out, most of your pupils tend to be good at football, so we change the profile to be more specific. Our school was registered on October 23rd 2013. In the beginning we formed a team of 9 young people, but soon it was many times that number of energetic and very talented children.
During our practice we implement a variety of fun games designed to prepare the competitors technically and to improve their coordination. We practice 4 times a week, regardless of the time of year. In September 2014 we started a girl team (14+ years old). Currently we play in the second league and we are determined to get the promotion to the premier league.



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We are an independent company, working with a variety of producers, such as Siemens, Honeywell, Hikvision, Metel and many other. Our partners specialize in devices for security systems and building automation.


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With the use of advanced technology we were able to build a multi-station system for both PCs and mobile devices. All your data is stored in a database developed by a world leader, Oracle. Thanks to this solution, the system is stable and reliable.

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EQU ACC is a modern access control and time attendance management system developed in cooperation by IFTER and MicroMade.

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